Hello. Welcome to my shop...

My name is Laurie Dolhan, and I am the artist behind Hook, Line & Tinker, an indie craft studio in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia. I design and craft original, modern embroidery kits. 

As part of my journey to date, I have been a Jersey Girl, a Yukon Sourdough, and now I'm what some Nova Scotians refer to as a CFA (come-from-away). Like my favourite things, I have been lost, found, and creatively reworked. In November 2017, I launched Hook, Line & Tinker with a line of modern embroidery patterns and kits using my own original illustrations.

My business is a reflection of my values - care for people, respect for the environment, and a deep desire to create something meaningful and real through a shared act of making. I'm grateful for the opportunity to create and share my joy with you - and of course, my husband Trevor, son James, Charkie the Berndoodle and Draco the bearded dragon. 

Where to Shop

Kits are available here at hooklinetinker.com as well as through a number of truly fantastic retail shops. Click here to find a location near to you.


It is my intention that the printed patterns retain their original, hand-drawn aesthetic. All of Hook, Line & Tinker’s embroidery illustrations are original and designed by me by hand, beginning with a simple number 2 pencil and a sketchbook.

The completed images are scanned and minimally edited digitally to create the patterns. Each illustration is repeatedly rendered through the craft of hand embroidery using a variety of basic stitches to build texture and a pleasing design. The pattern evolves with each hand rendering with attention to texture and technique. Through this process, instructions for completing each design are developed.

The 100% cotton fabric is cut and prepared by hand, and all finalized patterns are printed onto the fabric in the studio using inks that maintain their integrity during the stitching process.

Each kit is packed by hand and imbued with care.


Packaging is designed to be lightweight and compact to reduce environmental impacts via shipping, and paper, including recycled content when possible, have been used rather than single use plastics. Need another reason to feel good about buying from Hook, Line & Tinker?

As of July, 2018, 5% of profits will be donated to help women and children experiencing homelessness.

I currently support Adsum for Women and Children through financial contributions and volunteer efforts.