Hi. I'm James. I got a fly tying setup for Christmas last year, and I have been tying my own flies ever since. My family and I go fishing a lot. We used sabiki rigs a lot from the store, but they were hard to cast with. We made our own sabiki lures, and they are perfect for both casting and jigging. They have really good parts, and I used recycled foil for the wings on the flies. Each rig has four flies.

Sabiki Rigs by James' Legendary Lures are very attractive to fish! They look really pretty in the water, and work great! I am making and selling lures to buy my own laptop.

You can become a fishing master by buying one of my sabiki rigs today :)

1 for $10
2 for $15

I will donate $1 for each lure sold to the Discovery Centre because I really want them to open an ocean exhibit. Everyone should have a chance to learn more about the ocean. Then everyone will want to protect it.


"I've experienced many issues with commercial rigs in the past. The hooks and swivels are usually cheap and they break or rust quite easily. As does the line. Here at James's Legendary Lures, I only use quality name brand components. The hooks are Laser sharp Eagle Claw brand. The swivels are made by Mustad, the line we use is made by Trilene and Suffix. Every knot is carefully tied and tested for strength and durability." - James

Made by me in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Chomp! Fish love these lures.

Four hooks, three pollack! Not bad :)