Knitting Collection Bundle - Complete Kit

Knitting Collection Bundle - Complete Kit

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Save a bundle by buying a bundle! It's a crustacean and cephalopod knitting extravaganza! This bundle includes Ball of Fun (Squid Balling Yarn), Industrious Octopus (Knitting Octopus) and Oh Snap! (Crab Knitting) When you buy these three kits together using this posting, you'll save more than 20% overall.

=> Included in the kit:
• pre-printed pattern on unbleached cotton fabric
• 17cm (6 ¾”) bamboo embroidery hoop
• DMC brand floss (820 blue, 666 red)
• embroidery needle
• instructions
• stitch guide

=> Process
It is my intention that the printed patterns retain their original, hand-drawn aesthetic. All of Hook, Line & Tinker’s embroidery illustrations are original and designed by me by hand, beginning with a simple number 2 pencil and a sketchbook.

The completed images are scanned and minimally edited digitally to create the patterns. Each illustration is repeatedly rendered through the craft of hand embroidery using a variety of basic stitches to build texture and a pleasing design. The pattern evolves with each hand rendering with attention to texture and technique. Through this process, instructions for completing each design are developed. The 100% cotton fabric is cut and prepared by hand, and all finalized patterns are printed onto the fabric in the studio using inks that maintain their integrity during the stitching process.

Each kit is packed by hand. Packaging is designed to be lightweight and compact to reduce environmental impacts via shipping, and paper, including recycled paper, have been used rather than single use plastics.

Need another reason to feel good about buying from Hook, Line & Tinker? I donate 5% of profits to help women and children experiencing homelessness.

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I would LOVE to see your progress… Share an image of your work in progress or completed design by tagging me on any of my social networks below, and I will send you a link for a free PDF version of a surprise design!
• Instagram: @hooklinetinker
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• Twitter: @hooklinetinker

=> Small Print:
• The fabric included is unbleached cotton with its own naturally perfect imperfections.
• Colours may appear differently on displays.
• Designs and instructions are for personal use only and cannot be resold or redistributed except by express permission.